So what exactly, are baby room essentials? The good news is that you don’t need everything right away! The following is a checklist of basic necessities that should be included in the baby nursery. Many would consider all of the baby room essentials.

Bassinets and Cradles

Bassinets or Cradles can be used only for a few months of infancy. Bassinets are typically made of a light, woven basket that is fastened to a stand. The idea of a bassinet is appealing, as most of them can be lifted off of the stand and easily be transported from room to room, or even outside on a pleasant day. Most bassinets have hoods, to shield from bright light during the day, and from the sun rays when outside. Make sure the stand is sturdy and that the basket locks securely to the stand.

Cradles look like a hybrid of a small crib and rocking chair. Most cradles are made out of wood and have a rocker base. The side-to-side motion of a cradle is soothing to babies. A cradle can be used for up to four months. Most cradles are easily portable. For both bassinets and cradles, it is a must to have a firm mattress that fits snuggly inside. If the bassinet has casters, you can push the unit back and forth to lull your baby to sleep. If you have hardwood floors, it may be best to have stops on the wheels to prevent the bassinet from rolling. Some bassinets also have a lower shelf, which provides handy storing room for extra blankets.

Moses Basket

A Moses Basket is a woven basket of corn husks and has relatively soft sides. Moses Baskets are the least expensive of newborn beds. They are easy to transport and will last for up to four months for your baby.

Baby Humidifier

Have you ever thought about buying a humidifier for baby? Many new parents forget about this item. Rather than take the risk of low air quality, you should buy one of these before your baby ever comes home. This is something that can benefit both you and your newborn child in a number of different ways.

With the best air purifier for baby room, you will be able to make the air moist in your home. In turn, the health of your child will undoubtedly be better. And that is very important to you, right? Why go another day without a humidifier when you know that it can do so much for everybody in the home, in particular, your small baby?

Did you know that a humidifier also helps to do things such as prevent static electricity and keep wood furniture in good shape? These may not have any direct relation to your baby, but it is something that you should definitely keep in mind.

With the right humidifier for baby, you will be able to improve the air quality in your entire home. Did you know that some of the better models can cover more than 1,200 square feet?

If you want to learn more about a humidifier for the baby you should go online to read reviews and product descriptions. This will give you a better idea of the benefits, as well as why so many parents have turned to these over the years.

Before you buy a baby humidifier you need to compare as many of these as you can. At the very least, look at five or so units so you can get a good feel for what is what. By doing this, you will quickly realize that some baby humidifiers are better than others.

The first step in comparing is to look at the feature list. Is there something in particular that you are interested in, such as a large coverage range? If so, you only want to consider baby humidifiers that fit this mold.

What about the price? Shouldn’t I look at that as well? Yes, you definitely need to think about the price before making a purchase. After all, you can only afford so much. Although you do not want to go overboard, make sure you are willing to spend whatever it takes to get a humidifier that will do the job.

It is much easier to compare humidifiers for baby online because all of the information, including the price, is laid out in front of you. Compare this to driving from one store to the next and you will quickly see how much easier it is to use the internet.

Now do you see what goes into comparing baby humidifiers? This is a process that anybody can handle if they use the internet, and have any clue of what they are looking for. There should not be anything standing in your way. Find the right baby humidifier today by comparing several products!

It should be clear to you need that you need a humidifier for baby.


Cribs are considered a baby room essential. A crib is typically used until a child is two or three years of age. According to the Sleep Products Safety Council, once a child is 35 inches tall, they should make the transition from crib to bed. Cribs come in a wide variety of dimensions, styles, and finishes. Your choice should be based on how it will be suited to the overall look of your baby’s room. Many cribs convert to a child’s bed. This makes a good choice, as you will not have to sell or store a typical crib when your child is at the age of transition. This is a cost-effective solution and can last your child for years. A convertible crib typically converts from a crib to a youth bed by removing one side and lowering the mattress one notch. You can even use the same bedding. The converted bed looks much like a daybed.

Baby Crib Set

A few things to look for when selecting your baby’s crib: Crib slats should be no more than 2 3/8″ apart. The mattress support should be firmly attached to the head and footboards. The head and footboards should not have cutouts, which allow for entrapment. The crib side release latches should not be operable by the baby and should securely hold the sides in the raised position. Make sure the crib is sturdy and not wobbly. When shopping for a crib, ask about the finish used. The finish should be non-toxic and ideally have several coats to add to the appearance and durability.

The only factor that separates the hundreds of cribs on the market are style, price, and craftsmanship.

Crib Mattress

The crib mattress should be firm and fit snuggly so your baby cannot become trapped between the mattress and the frame. If you can fit two fingers between the mattress and the side of the crib, the mattress is too small. There are two types of mattresses: foam and innerspring. Foam mattresses are made of polyester or polyether. The best quality longest wearing foam mattress has a high-density that is typically 1 pound per cubic foot. Innerspring mattresses (also known as coil mattresses) tend to keep their shape longer than a foam mattress. The most important factor in an innerspring mattress is the number of coils used. The ideal number for a crib mattress is 150.

Another item to look for in a mattress is its ability to resist moisture. A double-laminated ticking with nylon reinforcement will resist moisture. Also make sure the mattress has numerous vent holes to allow air to circulate to permit odors to escape.


Crib Bumper

Crib Bumpers can add an attractive accent to your baby’s crib, yet they have been known to create a potential hazard to babies if not properly fastened. They are not to be used as loose pillows. There should be ties at both the top and bottom of all four corners. All eight ties should be fastened securely to the crib.

Crib Bedding

While soft, billowy blankets and comforters look appealing, these items can pose a smothering risk to your baby. The best fabrics for baby bedding are tight weave cotton blends or organic ones. Use small, thin blankets made of flannel or polar fleece. Make sure they are securely fastened. To keep your baby comfortable and warm, dress her in a snuggly sleeper. An example is the so-called “wearable blanket,” which is like a sack made of microfleece.

Changing Table

While your baby’s room does not need a lot of furniture, you will definitely want a convenient, comfortable place to change diapers up to a dozen times a day. And even the tiniest clothes need to be stashed somewhere. Changing tables typically provide a good storage area for blankets, sheets, moist wipes, and the diapers themselves.

While your baby could be wearing diapers for three years, you may not be lifting them on the table after two years. Thus, it may be a good idea to get a changing table that converts to a dresser, or just get a dresser in which you can add a changing “deck” which is padded as well. Be sure that whatever solution you come up with, that the height of the changing table, or dresser / changing pad combination is at a comfortable level in which to change diapers.

Baby Changing Table

Even though most changing tables have raised sides, never leave your baby alone on the changing table, even with straps. This is why a changing table that has ample storage is a great idea.

You will have everything you need at arm’s reach when changing your baby: wipes, diapers, dirty diaper bin, diaper creams, and clean clothes. When getting a changing pad, get one with raised sides and one that you can attach a cloth cover.

Diaper Solutions

Your baby will be wearing diapers for up to three years, so you’ll need either a diaper service, or some diaper related items to keep your nursery running efficiently. Diaper Organizer. A fabric diaper stacker can be coordinated with your baby’s crib bedding and room décor. However, a diaper organizer may be more practical. Diaper organizers hold enough diapers to last a day or two. It can also conveniently hold other diaper supplies such as; wipes, creams, and grooming items. A diaper organizer mounts onto the changing table so you don’t have to bend over and leave your baby unattended.

Deodorized Diaper Pail Talk about a baby room essential!Soiled diapers can pile up fast and leave germs and odors in the baby nursery. There are a few options to overcome this problem. One type individually wraps, seals, and houses up to 30 dirty diapers. Another product uses a continuous-scented, triple barrier liner that holds up to 480 newborn and 220 large diapers. It is made of plastic and can be cleaned with bleach.

Baby Monitor

Baby Monitors are truly considered a baby room essential today. Over the last few years, monitors have evolved into very sophisticated devices. Today, your choices vary from monitors that are: Audio, Video, Motion, and a combination of the three.

Audio Monitors. An audio only baby monitor allows you to hear your baby in the nursery or from another room in the house so that you can respond to sounds of distress or hunger. You simply plug the monitor unit in your baby’s room and plug the receiver in the room in which you’re in. You can even get a second receiver, so you can monitor your baby from more than one location.

Audio and Movement Monitors. This type of monitor has a sensor pad. You place this sensor under the crib mattress. It detects the slightest movements of your baby. If your baby remains absolutely still for a specified time, the sensor signals the unit, which sounds an alarm. Your receiver unit which is with you, will also sound an alarm. VIDEO AND AUDIO MONITOR. This monitor not only monitors sound, but encompasses a video camera, so you can visually monitor your baby. Some units even allow you to monitor your baby on the internet.

More Features: Some nursery monitors have walkie-talkie features, allowing you to talk to your baby from a remote location. Often, all it takes to calm baby, is hearing it’s mother’s reassuring voice. There is even a model available that offers a remote activated device that produces a calming vibration, similar to the units that some car seats now have.

Baby Monitors
Baby Motion Monitors



Storage is an absolute baby room essential. Storage is needed for all those little onesies, booties, blankets, clothes, and toys. A dresser or the space provide in changing tables will not suffice! A basic closet can be transformed into a well organized storage center with a little modification. There are several closet organizers that have storage bins, extra shelving and other organizer goodies, such as shoe storage bags and units that hang on the back of doors. Basic large plastic containers which can store virtually anything can be stacked in closets or under the crib. You can get clear ones and label them on the outside, so you know what they contain, without having to dig through them to find what you may need. They provide an economical solution to storage and clutter control.


Rockers and Gliders

Rockers and Gliders are a baby room essential in that someday you’ll look back and recall fond memories of holding and rocking your baby. I still have vivid, warm memories of rocking both of my boys to sleep and reading them stories. Rocker and Gliders are good not only for baby, but for moms and dads as well, as they’re the ones who also need a comfortable place, as many hours a day are spent feeding and soothing baby to sleep.

Rockers. Rockers are traditionally the answer. But while their spindle back and wooden seat have appeal to many as the answer, they don’t offer the level of comfort as a GLIDER does. This makes adding a cushioned seat pad is a must for a rocker. With many choices, you’ll be able to find a seat pad that coordinates with your baby’s room. Rocking chairs also have the tendency to travel across the floor; especially if you have hardwood flooring.

Gliders. Gliders typically are heavily cushioned, very comfortable and have ball bearing mechanisms that lets you glide back and forth comfortably. Most offer cushioned armrests, which I would consider a must. When supporting your baby and moving them about, you will need support as well, and often, your arms press against the armrests. Gliders also often have an optional inclined footrest or ottoman.

Rockers and Glidersare available in hundreds of styles, finishes and upholstery choices. Some parents get one for the nursery and one for their own bedroom. So be sure to match the patterns for the room it’s going to be in. An alternative altogether from getting a rocker or glider, is to get a daybed for the nursery. Many nurseries don’t have enough room for a crib, changing table, bookcase and a daybed.

In closing, make your own list of what you feel are your baby room essentials. You may determine what someone else considers an essential, may not be to you. Furthermore, you may find some items on our accessory list that you would consider a baby room essential.